Our Philosophy

The plants and trees around us create the biosphere in which we live.  They give us so many gifts, like air to breath, food to eat, fuel to burn, clothing to wear, medicine to heal, and shelter to protect.  Plants and trees breathe in CO2 and breathe out O2.  Human beings breathe in O2 and breathe out CO2. We work together, and without plants and trees, we wouldn't be able to survive.

For centuries, plants have been used for their known protective and healing properties, but slowly over time, more and more disconnection has happened between our plants, ourselves and our environment.  As earlier peoples (living in harmony with nature) expanded to feudal systems (farming food for survival and protection) which gave way to the Industrial Revolution of mass

 production (including manufacturing of goods by 'division of labour' assembly lines, with intensified specialization), so have we slowly lost touch with where our food and water sources come from; with how we harness our energy; with where our garbage goes; and from what we need to do to sustain our livelihood and survival (as a species) on this planet.

Unfortunately, artificially manipulated solutions to solve natural problems seem to be showing signs of having far more negative long term consequences than positive short term gains.  The short term gains have gotten us only so far; and as we start to understand more about how what we put in, on and around our bodies that isn't natural or that doesn't work in harmony with nature, over time, becomes toxic to us and to the environment in which we live in. We must consider an adapted approach.

Modern science has stopped diseases but sometimes when new information arises, we must shift direction, especially when evidence supports it.  For example, as global warming of the planet creates more and more extreme weather events, we will be reminded again and again, with increased intensity just how dependent we are on Mother Nature to survive.  And instead of taking from Nature that which we cannot replenish and in a way that is damaging to the environment and/or to those that live in it, we could shift our thinking and come up with more natural and sustainable ways to create what we need.  Ultimately, it is our ability to surrender to, and be in harmony with nature, that is our greatest hope for continued sustainability on this planet.

Fortunately, humans and nature are mutually compatible.  Unfortunately, however,  as we are just now starting to realise, we are not mutually exclusive of nature.  But we can shift our focus back to nature and reconnect in harmony with it.  For example, the innovative idea of using existing wind and solar energy in reducing harmful human-made carbon emissions is a great start in the co-creation of a new sustainable Earth.  Also, using sustainably and ethically resourced, natural, 'of the Earth' ingredients to make every day bodycare products is another way, by shifting away from manipulating and developing unnatural ingredients to embracing that which is natural and already around us. 

It is my passion to encourage you to explore more natural solutions to what you put in, on and around your body for yourself and your family. For it is the very plants around us that can support and replenish us.  I believe if we give nature the respect and love that it deserves, it will reciprocate in kind.  I believe we can choose to be a part of the solution for sustainability on this planet, by giving back what we take; giving thanks for what we have and are given; by not taking too much of a good thing; and by not taking at all that which we cannot replenish.   I hope you are already a part of or will now consider being a part of this harmony revolution with nature that I so passionately endorse!  Perhaps together, a 'no harm - just harmony' approach to living beings and the world around us, may raise the vibration of sustainability for us all!  I invite you to join me in engaging in a natural hygiene lifestyle!