About Me

Thanks for visiting Earth Mind and Body Essentials.  My name is Shannon and I'm pleased you've found me here! A little about me:  I am blessed to have spent my childhood in beautiful, supernatural, British Columbia, Canada. And living in such a beautiful part of the world,  inspired and awed me into exploring the wider world around me.  And I have been drawn to using creative endeavours, like photography, to share the beauty of what I see, with others.  You can click the link to see some of my photography: here

Educationally, I have a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia (UBC graduated 1995), and I am also a Healthcare Social Worker (graduated from the University of Victoria in 2004).  I have also taken an intensive course with Acupuncturist and well known Aromatherapist, Herbalist & Acupuncturist, David Crow.  And I am currently enrolled at the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, working towards my Aromatherapist Certification and Registration. I also continue to research and learn about the latest discoveries around the gut microbiome that show how what we consume in and even on and around our bodies, affects our heath
in profound ways. 

After university,and travelling/exploring other lands, I began working in healthcare.  It has been over 20 years now, and from working in many different areas of healthcare (from mental health & addictions, emergency & acute care, to community elder care), I have learned from experience, that the mind and
the body
are intimately connected when it comes to one's health, and so is the environment in which one lives and breathes.

And it is essential that we recognize and honour this connection, in order to prevent sickness, and raise our spirits. When I am exploring the natural world around me I feel how intimately connected we all are to this planet.  And when I photograph the beauty I see in nature, I see how much we depend on the natural world around us for ongoing sustainability. And it is with this realization, that I feel inspired to share with you my newest creative expression of this vital Earth, Mind and Body connection:  natural, of the earth, hand made body care products, that uplift your spirit, by connecting you to the natural world that we are so very much a part of.